The Slab cribbing block is fast becoming the support of heavy industry.


Timber Cribbing block showing typical splitting and cracking. Is this safe to use?

Since its launch almost 3 years ago, the dura crib “The Slab” cribbing block is fast becoming the tool of choice of some of the world’s largest mining equipment manufacturers and operators. Tested under the guidance of AS 1170 and AS2498 benchmarks the working load limit The Slab at 60.8kg/cm2 and a maximum overall block load capacity of 110,000kg, so no load is too heavy for this block to support. Weighing in a 22.7kg with measurements of160mm x 300mm x 600mm make The Slab an excellent workshop and in the field blocking tool. Unique diamond patterned surface provides a positive locking feature when blocks are used in stacks. Manufactured from recycled high density polyethylene helps save on waste materials becoming landfill and therefore gets a big environmental tick.

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